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Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Traditions

Hey Dads! And sons and daughters! Here is a little help with Mother's Day. Flowers are great, but maybe add a little creativity. First, give the important woman in your life a bit of thought, then check out these ideas.

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One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received on Mother's Day was a duo of bracelets.

The charms on one were:

a typewriter; and

a round charm that said "Behind every great book is its great editor."

The other's charms were:

a book;

a small bead;

a coffee cup; and

an oval charm that said: "I love books and coffee."

The bracelets weren't real silver, and probably weren't too expensive, but I treasure them. I was bowled over that my husband Bryan (a pretty typical guy in the gift-giving department) really thought about what I love. At the time I was manager of the Editorial Department at ACCO Brands (I'm now Brand Storyteller at the same company), so the "editor" charm had special significance. I love to read and write, and I love even more, that someone took the time to let me know that he GETS me.

What does the special mother figure in your life enjoy? Think about her interests and the way she likes–or would LIKE–to spend her time. Then brainstorm simple gifts around those things.

I love even more, that someone took the time to let me know that he GETS me.

For example, if she likes to plant flowers every spring, give her a gift card to a garden center and a homemade "Good For" Coupon promising that you (and others if they are available) will help do the planting. (Help is always a good gift!)

If she likes going to concerts, festivals, or other events, she might enjoy a small crossbody or belt bag like these.

The Jar of Love, Inexpensive and Treasured Forever

Another Mother's Day gift I treasure was given to me by my daughter Lauren, who is an amazing gift-giver. She gave me a jar called "Reasons We Love you."

Inside the jar were small pieces of paper, with sweet messages written by my husband and children, describing what they love about me. It's great to read these when I feel like the worst mom ever!

A Family Calendar

Jump on Shutterfly, or Snapfish and create a calendar for the mother in your life. It's sure to be one of her new favorite traditions, so you might be all set with the best gift ever for years to come.

A Subscription Box... Or Just a One-Time Gift Box

Uncle Eddie was right when he told Clark Griswold that the Jelly of the Month Club was the "gift that keeps giving."

I love my Rachel Zoe Curateur Box that comes quarterly. I have been a member since it first started. It's a guilty pleasure. You can still grab the Spring 2022 box here, and you can just buy once, if you don't want to spring for the whole year.

The box is $99.99 and the value of the box is always much more than that. Every skincare, haircare, and make up product is always full size. The box contains five of Rachel's favorite products for the season so no thinking or choosing for you!

The spring box contains jewelry ($150 value), sunglasses ($95 value) or scarf ($95 value), eye cream ($110 value), a double compact for cheeks and lips ($22 value), a crossbody/belt bag ($85 value). #curateur

There are also meal subscription boxes like Blue Apron and and Hello Fresh. These are great, because everything, even the spices,are already measured out, and the instructions are simple.

Cocktail subscription boxes like The American Cocktail Club and Saloon Box offer curated cocktail experiences that will turn her–or you–into an expert bartender. They offer all the ingredients necessary minus the alcohol, to make interesting craft cocktails at home.

Uncommon Goods also has a Tea of the Month Club and a Self-Care Gift of the Month subscription.

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A hinged vase is fun because you can arrange flowers multiple ways.This 7-Piece Ollegard Clear/Gold Glass Hinged Vase (on sale right now at Wayfair), is made of glass and aluminum, so it will complement many home styles. I have been eyeing these vases for years, (hint hint). Because the little vases are hinged, the flowers can be displayed straight, in a zig-zag, or gathered together.

If you give a vase, be sure you have have little blossoms already cut and ready for her to play around with.

Here are some more fun Mother's Day gift ideas from uncommon goods, a favorite site of mine: It Never Was a Dress Rocks Glass, The Murder Mystery Puzzle Book, Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio, Birth Month Flower Grow Kit, Essential Oil Shower Steamers, and a Bubble Tea Kit. (All images: Uncommon Goods)

Mother's Day Gifts of Experience

You know how sentimental moms are, and there's nothing better than giving her a gift of:

Making a memory with her family;

Going somewhere interesting;

Doing something she loves; or

Learning something she has always wanted to learn.

A few ideas for a Mother's Day gift of experience are:

Concert or sporting event tickets;

A weekend cabin getaway;

A family hike;

Canoeing or kayaking;

A cooking or wine class;

A spa experience;

Indoor skydiving; and

A MasterClass.

Mother's Day Tradition. Breakfast in Bed...Every Year!

When my brothers and I were growing up we always brought my mom breakfast in bed (and then promptly ate her whole breakfast, sitting on her bed). We also made handmade cards and argued about whose was best. My middle brother was always an amazing artist, so it really wasn't fair. My dad made the most beautiful, creative cards as well, and I'm hoping to share them next year. He was also very talented artistically. One year, my kids and I made a big breakfast and took it over to my mom, hoping she would still be in bed. She wasn't, but in step with tradition, she pretended that she just got up to open the door. My kids were thrilled.

This is a tradition I kept going in my own family, including the unprompted kids eating my breakfast. I have kept every card from every year, and it's great to watch how the cards have gone from the stick family drawings to the beautiful messages. (Not that any of them are in the same place in my world, still working on organization in my life.)

The best part of this was always listening to my kids try to help with breakfast. One year, I heard a giant crash of metal onto tile. The next sound was a very small voice saying "Uh oh." Sophia had crashed the toaster to the ground. The toaster survived, and when she presented my toast with her brother and sister, I was surprised.

"Oh, I didn't think you heard that, Mama," she said sheepishly. Soon the omelette Bryan and Lauren made, the fruit, the toast, and the juice were demolished by my kids and I. My youngest had been responsible only to find a daffodil or tulip in the yard for the tiny bud vase on the tray. I will forever treasure the memories of those breakfasts and the cards.

Any time you can give a gift that lets a woman know that you understand her, you have done more than given a gift. You have won her heart.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who do so much for everyone, everyday.

Please share!

Do you have any great ideas to add?

What Mother's Day Gifts have been your favorites?

Do you have any fun Mother's Day traditions?

Please share this article with people who might benefit from the ideas.

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