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This Is Me.

When I was a kid my dad was a college football coach, so I always assumed I would play too. I loved football, and spent hours watching film with my dad.


Flash forward, I’m an adult who still loves football. I believe sports and other activities where we work hard and push ourselves to go beyond what we thought we could do–mentally, emotionally as well as physically–is very good for all of us.


I will do almost anything to make people laugh. I am a good mom, but I have more “bad mom” stories. I love people to feel warm and loved when they come into my home.

I love my job, and I try to have balance.


I work out, I am fascinated by the way our brains work, neuroscience, and physics–but know little about it. I love any new experience. I perform and teach improv, I love to write, and mostly, I LOVE to listen to and read anyone’s story.


This is an honest blog about growing up in a sports family, being an imperfect parent, taking risks, and the complicated, beautiful mess that is life.

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-Teri Herbstreit

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